Love + Romance

Horoscope for Aries

A lot of the intensity of the week will start dialling back today and while this has had no direct impact on matters of the heart or your relationships, life is bound to have got in the way. With the weekend approaching but the working week yet to run its course, while time might be short now, plan to make up for lost time over the coming days. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Taurus

Just having the Moon in Taurus can put a strain on your relationships, even though there is no planetary activity on the relationship front for it to clash with. If an alignment with Mars yesterday fuelled some strong emotional and passionate responses this will start to dial back from today, allowing you to put things in perspective. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Gemini

The Moon's departure from your friendship sector yesterday wrapped up a visit that was not only good for friendship and relationship building but brought a sense of reassurance. The Moon formed a friendly aspect to planets on the relationship front that are here to stay, along with the support system that goes with it. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Cancer

As the Moon makes its first visit to your friendship sector for the year, a friendly aspect to Venus in your relationship sector is a refreshing chance to regroup. Venus didn't visit your relationship sector in 2020 and with the Sun gone she is on a mission to bring the magic back into your relationships, with a bit of help from the Moon today. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Leo

As a friendly aspect between Mercury and the North Node runs its course this is doing more than create positive conditions for friendship and relationship building. Mercury is the planet of communication and the North Node can provide a sense of direction and in the Sun's early days in your relationship sector, you need both. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Virgo

An alignment between Neptune and Ceres in your relationship sector earlier in the week runs its course today and while they will continue to work as a team for another month, this is their last alignment here in our lifetime. This makes it important to pay attention to the deeper read this is giving you of your relationship needs and priorities. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Libra

The Moon's departure from your relationship sector yesterday has given you a chance to become more emotionally engaged and to check in. This was one of the Moon's easiest visits in a long time, especially when it came to the pressure this put on a balance between your personal and relationship needs. This has left you with the support needed to keep the communication lines open. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Scorpio

There is a lot of noise on the romantic and relationship fronts today, with extraordinary conditions drawing your attention in both directions. As Mars and Uranus fire things up on the relationship front, Neptune and Ceres are creating a dreamy atmosphere on the romantic front. The two couldn't be more different but help to balance each other out. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Sagittarius

Today is a firebreak between the Moon's departure from your romantic sector yesterday and ahead of its return to your relationship sector tomorrow. This is a chance to hold onto the romantic sentiment fuelled over the last few days while preparing for what lies ahead by working with Mercury, the planet of communication to ensure the communication lines are open. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Capricorn

The Moon is still in your romantic sector as an alignment between Mars and Uranus here begins to move apart, giving you a read on what this has inspired. Romantically charged lunar vibes are still running their course but chances are this has added fuel to your romantic passions and fighting spirit as Mars makes his first visit since 2019. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Aquarius

Ahead of the Moon's return for its first visit to your romantic sector for the year tomorrow, there is a chance today to make some space in your life for the romantically charged days ahead. This will give you your first read on this year's romantic undercurrents but chances are there is already a mix of romantic confidence, nostalgia and anticipation in the air. - by your best friend astrologer

Horoscope for Pisces

Because the Moon's first visit to your communication sector for the year comes just as Mars has already declared war on communication barriers, this will make giving your emotional responses a voice a lot easier. At times a little too easy, with a chance that you might want to take back words spoken in haste. Fortunately, a friendly aspect to Venus, the planet of love is turning this into a positive. - by your best friend astrologer