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horoscope for Scorpio

While first impressions suggest that this is an ordinary or typical month for this time of year, there are some major changes ahead, including an event that will have a big impact personally. That event is the total lunar eclipse on 16th May in Scorpio, something that will bring you to the halfway point in this current solar year in a more spectacular way than is normally the case. The Sun will always spend the final 10 days of April and the first three weeks of May in your relationship sector, with the solar spotlight always on your relationships at this time of year. It is also a given that at some point while the Sun is here the Moon will return to Scorpio, clashing with the Sun on the other side of the sky to create a Full Moon. It is that clash that serves an important function on both sides, for as your personal and relationship needs clash it makes both more transparent. At the halfway point in your current solar year, you need this wakeup call as it comes with an opportunity for a reset. At the same time, at the most important point of the year on the relationship front, this allows you to better understand what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. What turns both the Full Moon in Scorpio on 16th May and the New Moon in your relationship sector on 1st May into a lunar and a solar eclipse is having the lunar nodes here. Meanwhile, is on the job front that things will take an exciting turn when Venus leaves a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on 3rd May and returns to your work sector, followed by Jupiter eight days later on 11th May. It has been 11 years since the planet of luck and expansion was last here and while Mars will stay on in a playful part of your chart until 25th May, he too will join them to fire things up on the job front. Until then, Mars will continue to fight to maintain a balance between work and play, knowing how busy things could get over the coming months.

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