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horoscope for Virgo

Whether you are an August or a September born Virgo until the Sun leaves on 23rd September this is your birthday month and the Sun overhead is a Virgo Sun. Mercury, your ruling planet was the first to return to Virgo this year, with his return on 20th August giving you a three day jump on your birthday month. This meant that when the Sun returned to begin your birthday month and new solar year you already had your head in the game and around your options. Mercury will leave on 6th September and while this is too soon to commit to your game plan and resolutions for this new solar year, he will help you work on them in the early weeks of your birthday month. Even more important is the fact that as the planet of communication, Mercury will still be in Virgo when the Moon not only returns to your relationship sector on 1st September but to create a Full Moon on 2nd September. While this will see the Moon clash with both Mercury and the Sun and he will be part of the reason for some potential personal and/or relationship tension he is also part of the solution. This is a Full Moon that will always stress test a balance between your personal and relationship needs at some point during your birthday month and the timing means that this will be the push to make the planet of communication's final days in Virgo count. Mercury will not only return to your communication sector on 27th September but spend nearly two months here will, this will put him onside with the planet there that he clashed with during his time in Virgo. Mercury will spend his time in between leaving Virgo on 6th September and returning to your communication sector on 27th September in your income sector, with the Sun returning on 23rd September. It is just hours before Mercury leaves that the dwarf planet Ceres will return to your work sector.

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